• The Brilliant way!

  • The Brilliant way!

  • The Brilliant way!

  • The Brilliant way!

Affordable training

Although training is so much needed and important in the corporate world, it is unfortunate that everybody can’t afford to spend thousands of rands on training, and therefore we would like to offer every individual the opportunity to get the necessary training and to fulfil their dreams of u successful career.

In the current economic environment it is also very difficult to arrange a scholarship, and for so many years after students has completed their courses they still struggle to pay back these loans.
Therefore it is important for us to keep our courses short and affordable.
We also realized that not everybody has the funds to pay the fees upfront and therefore we have helped a lot of students with payment plans that suit their needs.

Individual classes

 It is extremely important to us that each student gets the attention he or she deserves during the courses and therefore we do not offer group classes.

Every student book there classes in advance in order to make sure that you will get the best training and experience.
Intense training with each individual means a greater success rate for us.

Choose according your needs

Everybody has something that he or she is good at, and also something they are not so experienced at. Regardless this fact there is always things that is expected of us, that we are not so sure about.

Briljant is there to help students with those shortcomings and therefore we give you the opportunity to choose your courses according to your needs. To pay for a full course while you already know one or two programs very well is a waste of money. With this opportunity you can pay only for the programs you really need to catch up, in order to make you a stronger and more confident candidate.

Do your employer expect you to do something you are not sure on how to do. We will gladly assist with those tasks in order to submit them perfectly.

Certificates & Testimonials

Almost every employer advertising a vacant position at their company requires some sort of experience, and therefor Briljant will not only give you the academic training we will also give you to opportunity to use what you have learned in a practical environment. Students will receive practical assignments that are to be completed before they qualify. Once you have completed these assignments you will feel confident doing what is expected from you in any working environment.
Briljant will not only give you a certificate for the course completed, we will also supply you with a testimonial letter in regards to your practical experience.